Ever heard of Murphy’s Law?

This law states that if there’s a chance it may happen, it will happen.

Just like during home renovations.

No matter how careful you are, something will always happen:

Paint spilling over. The smell of paint that just won’t go away. Water drying into a pesky stain. Renovation tools scratching your cherished furniture.

These are inevitable.

That’s why we’ve listed renovation cleaning hacks so you won’t have to worry over the inevitable ever again.

Don’t worry, the stuff you’ll need for these hacks can be easily found in your kitchen cupboard or bathroom closet.

How to Remove the Smell of Paint on your Bed and Sofa

The Problem: It seems like beds and sofas are specifically created to attract unpleasant smell. During renovations, this is 10 times worse because it’s harboring the smell of chemical-ridden paint.

The Ingredient: Baking Soda

The Solution: Take that baking soda out of your kitchen cupboard and sprinkle a liberal amount on your bed and sofa. Cover every inch to ensure you’re getting the best odor-busting performance.  After 60 minutes, power up your vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda.

Now your bed and your sofa is free from the nasty smell of paint!

How to Remove Pesky Paint Stains on Fabrics

The Problem: It seems like Murphy’s law is working full time. Blotches of paint have managed to latch onto your favorite dress and on your favorite piece of furniture!

The Ingredient: Fresh Razor

The Solution: Grab your fresh disposable razor from your bathroom closet and shave it across the paint stains of your favorite dress and your favorite furniture! Keep in mind this hack works only on ‘thick’ materials like denim and wool. Remember, the paint actually latches on the upper layer of the fabric, which becomes lint.

You’re merely shaving off the lint where the paint latched on to.

How to Find Bacteria-Ridden Spots

The Problem: Various stuff have been brought into the house during renovation, and you don’t know what kind of bacteria these stuff brought and where.

The Ingredient: Clorox

The Solution: Pour Clorox into a spray container and spray on surfaces you think are susceptible to bacteria. If your hunch is right, the area you sprayed on will bubble up—the bacteria is reacting to the germ-busting ingredients of Clorox.

Brush off and wash off these dirty areas to keep your family free from bacteria!

How to Hide Scratches on Leather

The Problem: During renovation, various sharp materials are being used. Scratched walls are okay, they can be painted over. But the leather cover of your sofa? Now that’s a different ball game altogether.

The Ingredient: Olive Oil

The Solution: Pour a copious amount of olive oil onto a cloth, preferably made of cotton. Using light pressure, rub on the scratch marks in a clockwise motion until the olive oil has lodged into the dents left by the scratches. Let it sit for 60 minutes and dry it off with a towel.

How to Remove Water Stains in the Usual Areas

The Problem: During home renovation, water is used to wash off paint and clean tools. However, the hassle and stress of renovation made you forget about wiping traces of water. Now you’re looking at unsightly water stains.  

The Ingredient: Lemon

The Solution: Cut a lemon into 2. Use the half of it to deeply rub against the unsightly water stains for 15 minutes or until the stains are gone. Wash off the lemon juice with warm water and wipe it off with a dry towel.

No Time to Try These Cleaning Hacks?

We understand you.

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