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24/7 Ready Clean-Up Team

We have a team of licensed clean-up professionals trained to do the most complicated cleaning tasks in the least amount of time. Rush junk removal and clean-up jobs? We’re ready for it!

Post-Construction Clean-Up

28 years of clean-up service allowed us the experience and skill to provide fast and efficient rough and final clean-up for construction sites. You don’t have to tell us what to look out for. We’ll get your site clean and ready in no time!

Residential and Commercial Maintenance

With MaxPro, your home and your workplace will always look and smell clean. From lawn care to painting jobs, we make sure your place is always clean and fresh.

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The MaxPro Effect

MaxPro Enterprise is a certified women’s business enterprise and the only clean-up solutions provider who doesn’t fuss over your schedule. Whether it’s a rush job or a tight deadline, we always have a professional clean-up team to give you fast and efficient clean-up solutions with a smile!

We know how hard it is to secure a professional clean-up service when you’re in a rush and the deadline is tight. That’s why MaxPro specializes in fast and efficient clean-up solutions so that you get a thorough clean-up in the shortest amount of time possible.

With over 2 decades of clean-up expertise we have formulated a specialized clean-up approach for construction, commercial, and residential cleaning, in order to ensure that you’re getting the best clean-up solution every time. We only use environment-friendly products and materials for your health and safety.

By the time our professional clean-up crew is done. You’ll get a spotless and fresh smelling area you can be proud of!

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