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The Average Cleaning company Loses 50% of Their Customer Base EVERY Year

That means in 3 years, an average cleaning company goes bankrupt.

Yet we’ve been in the cleaning industry for 28 years.

What’s Our Secret?

We realized early on that the key lies in flexibility.

Most of the time, people don’t know when they’ll need a clean-up service and, most of the time, they need the service immediately. That’s why our team is specifically trained to be completely flexible. Our professional clean-up crew is always ready for abrupt changes and tight deadlines. We are never unprepared for sudden changes.

We have successfully leveraged 2 decades worth of experience that allowed us to be incredibly fast and efficient with our clean-ups. We’ve managed to incorporate tailor fit clean-up solutions for specific industries like construction sites, residential, and commercial areas. We’ll provide you what you need even before you realize that you need it.

With the nature of our industry, health and safety have always been a primary concern, not only for our clean-up crew, but for our customers, like you, as well. That’s why we only use safe and environment-friendly cleaning products and materials to ensure that you are completely free from harmful chemical reactions.

Our cleaning expertise and our thorough approach to clean-ups are the reason why we’ve managed to outlast and outperform average cleaning companies for over 2 decades.

Joanna James
MaxPro Enterprises

It’s time for you to understand why we’re thriving for 28 years in a supposedly cutthroat industry:

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